Calorimetry is the measuring of heat quantities that are linked to biological, chemical or physical processes both exothermic as well as endothermic. IKA offers combustion calorimeters which are distinguishable by their operating modes: adiabatic, isoperibol, or “double-dry”.

A combustion calorimeter measures the heat that arises from burning. The sample is weighed into a digestion vessel and filled with oxygen (30 bar). The burning process is started by means of an ignition spark. The experiment ends when the sample is fully burned. By measuring the temperature increase, the sample’s calorific value or heating value can be calculated.

Calorimetry is used in many industries, including: food, construction material, raw materials, waste management, recycling, energy and synthetics. We offer the best instruments for calorimetric measurements from IKA company.

IKA calorimeters: C 200, C 6000 and C1

C 200-System Validation according to DIN 51900,ISO 1928, ASTM D240, ASTM D4809, ASTM D5865, ASTM D1989, ASTM D5468, ASTM E711.

C 6000 isoperibol oxygen bomb calorimeter combines modern technology, variability and automation (isoperibol and dynamic modes) in one instrument. It operates according to all bomb calorimeter standards, such as e.g. the DIN, ISO, ASTM, GOST.

C 1 static jacket oxygen bomb calorimeter represents a giant leap forward in calorimeter technology by featuring a high degree of automation in a compact design; the smallest calorimeter footprint available.

It operates according to DIN 51900 and ISO 1928.