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Hanon Subsidiary Company specialized in scientific instruments, known as the high quality instruments manufacturer and the perfect service provider. We offer the melting point detection instrumens from Hanon.


Melting point devices of the MP series perfectly integrate video technology into the melting point determination process. They not only allow the melting point to be determined with high accuracy, but also display the temperature and video curve of the melting process that can be stored in high resolution. The video can later be played on the screen of the device. This is the best solution for determining the melting point and observing the melting process and changing the color of the sample during heating. These devices can be used in the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. They are necessary for the production of pharmaceuticals, spices, dyes and for determining the physical properties of other organic crystalline substances. More about melting point detection instruments MP series here


We offer a wide range of digital and analog melting point detection instruments and accesories for them from leading manufactrurers in this field. More about this here

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