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KF electrodes

Metrohm offers suitable indicator and generator electrodes for Karl Fischer titrators. More about KF electrodes…

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KF Titrino Coulometers

These inexpensive, time-tested coulometric titrators allow you to analyze samples with low water contents (0.001…

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KF Titrino Plus

Volumetric titrator for high water contents and coulometer for low water contents for basic applications.…

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KF Ti-Touch

KF Ti-Touch titrators offer routine water determination on a small space. They are ¬†available as…

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KF Titrando

High-end volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer Titrando titrators to determine any water content from 0.001…

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We offer Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrators for High Water Content, Coulomometers for Low Water Content, and a wide range of accessories for these systems, from all manufacturers – Metrohm.

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