Microwave Synthesis Solutions From Biotage

Microwave heating is by far the superior choice for synthesizing novel compounds and can offer advantages other than just speed. Working at temperatures and pressures not attainable through traditional heating, it allows chemists to perform reactions previously not possible.

Simply by increasing temperature, microwave synthesis can complete reactions up to a thousand times faster than traditional reflux conditions.

Quickly test your creative synthetic ideas and rapidly synthesize

compounds of interest to fill gaps in your structure activity relationship (SAR).

Biotage microwave systems are predictable, reliable and safe. Each instrument has precise control of time, temperature and pressure to ensure that methods are reproducible and easily transferred or scaled up.

Chemical synthesis has never been easier. Simply put the reaction mixture into the vial, cap it, insert the vial into the microwave, key in the reaction parameter, and run. The latest generation of microwave synthesis systems are compact, easy to use and very affordable.

Biotage® Initiator+

Biotage® Initiator+ represents the latest in microwave synthesis performance. This instrument’s high-end specifications enable the chemist to explore new areas and perform the latest of innovations in chemistry. A reliable and upgradeable platform that allows chemists to make great discoveries in less time.Instrument can be upgraded from a single-sample manual format to an automated 8- or 60-position system. The modular design allows a user to add on different automated sample processors dependent on throughput requirements. More about Biotage® Initiator+here