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JEOL is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high performance, high stability Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM). We have more than 60 years of expertise in producing TEMs designed for life sciences and material sciences. Some of the world’s most notable researchers use JEOL TEMs in their work.

JEOL’s innovations in TEM technology are legion, ranging from ultrahigh resolution optics for atom-to-atom characterization, to optimizing the user experience with an ergonomic design, user-friendly software and remote operation.

Using the JEOL TEM, biologists and pathologists can view and reconstruct 3D images of the finest cell structures. Crystallographers, metallurgists or semiconductor research scientists use high voltage/high spatial resolution TEMs to routinely image atoms. Materials researchers monitor and design materials at the nanoscale with custom-tailored properties. Often JEOL TEMs are used for multidisciplinary purposes among several research teams.

There is a JEOL TEM for every application, including cryotomography, STEM, MDS, and EDS. With the addition of energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDXA) or energy loss spectrometry (EELS), the TEM can also be used as an elemental analysis tool, capable of identifying the elements in areas less than 0.5µm in diameter. The aberration corrected (Cs) TEM ensures the highest image resolution.


120kV TEMs


Imaging and Cryomicroscopy Excellence in a Compact TEM

200kV TEMs


Atomic Resolution TEM with (Cold-FEG) and next-generation Cs corrector (ASCOR)

JEM-F200 “F2”

Advanced analytical, high throughput 200kV S/TEM with Cold Field Emission Gun and dual Silicon Drift Detectors


High throughput TEM/STEM


In-Column Energy Filter FE TEM Phase Contrast Ready


Multipurpose LaB6 TEM

300kV TEMs


World’s Highest Resolution in a Commercially-Available TEM


Automatic acquisition of image data for Single Particle Analysis

Atomic Resolution TEMs

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