Waters Detectors


ACQUITY UPLC® optical and mass detectors complement and enhance the high-efficiency separations of ACQUITY UPLC Systems, allowing you to analyze a wide variety of compounds.

Optical detectors are optimized for our advanced UPLC® analytical techniques, featuring low dispersion characteristics, simple operation, and high data-acquisition rates – as well as cost-effective maintenance, support and parts. More info about ACQUITY UPLC® detectors here


Detectorsfor HPLC/UHPLC Systems

Waters enables you to analyze a wide variety of compounds by offering a large portfolio of detection technologies.  These detectors have a number of options, including flow cells and nebulizers, to match your separations cale and help you to achieve the goals of your analysis.  Our detection technologies are synonymous with sensitivity, stability and usability, giving you all you need to tackle your laboratory’s LC detection challenges. More info about Waters detectors for HPLC/UHPLC systems here