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Research in the polymer industry has accelerated in recent years, resulting in a wealth of new and innovative polymers.  The ACQUITY APC Systems delivers the ultimate in size-based characterization of these polymers, with analysis times 5-20X faster than was possible with traditional GPC/SEC technology.  By taking advantage of columns packed with highly efficient, rigid, sub-3um particles and an ultra-low dispersion chromatographic system capable of harnessing the separation potential, polymer scientists around the world have gained unprecedented insights into their polymeric species with ACQUITY APC technology.


Features and Benefits:

  • Achieve the highest resolution for your polymer separations on sub 3-um, rigid, high-pore volume ACQUITY APC columns paired with the ultra low system dispersion of the ACQUITY APC System.
  • Calibration standards matched to column bank MW ranges for simplified and optimal column bank calibration.
  • A wide range of solvent compatibility to support the harsh separation conditions associated with polymer analyses.
  • Solvent resilient column chemistries and optional solvent switching allows for the automation of method changeover and simplified method development.
  • The precise flow delivery of the isocratic solvent manager ensures accurate MW data, day after day.
  • The versatile column management allows you to automatically select between up to two banks of ACQUITY APC columns and up to two banks of traditional GPC columns – all housed in a stable, temperature controlled environment.
  • Compatible with a wide range of detection techniques, including refractive index, UV/Visible, photodiode array, evaporative light scattering and compatibility with advanced techniques like multi-angle light scattering and viscometry.

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