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The Brookfield brand has been considered the world standard in viscosity measurement and control of liquids and semi-solids for more than 80 years. Ease of use, flexibility, reliable performance and quality of service have made Brookfield Laboratory Viscometers and Rheometers favorites all over the world.

Laboratory Viscometers (select from list below or choose by application here)

Dial Reading Viscometer

DVE Low Cost Viscometer

DV1 Digital Viscometer

DV2T Touch Screen Viscometer

DV2T EXTRA Touch Screen Viscometer

BF35 Viscometer

CAP1000 Viscometer

CAP2000 Viscometer

Cone Plate Wells Brookfield Viscometer

Falling Ball Viscometer

KU-3 Viscometer


In-Line Process Viscometers(select from list below or choose by application here)

AST-INK Viscometer

PV-100 Viscosity Control Systems

STT-100 Sanitary Viscometer

TT-100 Viscometer

VTE Electric Viscosel


Cone Plate Wells Brookfield Rheometer

DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer

PVS Rheometer

RST Coaxial Cylinder Rheometer

RST Cone Plate Rheometer

RST Soft Solids Tester Rheometer


We also provide a large list of acessories and consumables for Brookfield  Laboratory Viscometers  and  Rheometers. Please find here


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